Waxing Wednesday with Meghan!

Sophia Collective is blessed to have a wide variety of specialities among our collaborators. Co-founder Meghan Stonier-Howe is our resident esthetician (among many other things), and she really LOVES waxing. Waxing isn’t always smooth sailing. Redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs can still happen if you’re not taking care of the skin properly. Before you ditch your disposal razor and make the move to a professional wax, follow these expert tips to help you stay smoother longer.


Banish the body hair tips & tricks:

Make sure you have enough hair to remove. The most common mistake people make when booking a wax is not waiting long enough between shaving or waxing. If your hair isn’t long enough, not only will you not get the smooth results you’re looking for, but when your waxer has to go over the same area over and over again, you’re more likely to experience irritation. Ideally, the hair should be a quarter of an inch for waxing (or roughly what you can pinch with the tips of your fingers).  

Know what activities you should avoid. Unlike with shaving, you might have to adjust your lifestyle for a few days after waxing. The pores remain open for 24 to 48 hours after removal. It’s suggested to avoid anything that can cause sweat, friction, or heat. This can keep the pores from closing and raise your risk for infection — two things you don’t want.

Choose your body wash & moisturizer wisely. Look for cleansers that are pH balanced. We suggest natural ingredients like coconut oil, witch hazel and apple cider vinegar. These simple products cleanse, balance, and provide a protective barrier to the waxing area.   

Topical treatments can help post-wax. Post-wax irritation is common — but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop it in its tracks. After hair removal, it is recommended to  put a cold compress on the area and applying a bit of 1% cortisone cream to help reduce swelling, irritation, and redness.

A little TLC can help stop ingrown hairs. The best way to fight those pesky pimples is to prevent them. Soothe your pores and keep bumps at bay with a little coconut oil the first night. Then, 48 hours after the wax, exfoliate the area with a loofah or sugar scrub and a little soap. If you do end up getting an ingrown, don’t pick at it, that would cause scarring, let it heal naturally. If needed a 3% benzoyl peroxide ointment or apple cider vinegar toner might just do the trick.

Don’t schedule your wax right before a big occasion. Booking hair removal last-minute before a big occasion or vacation is a huge no-no. It is recommended to plan your appointment one week to two days before being hair free is necessary. You’ll be fuzz-free, and any irritation or inflammation will have subsided by then.

What we have to offer:

Basic Bikini: If you’re not looking for anything too fancy — or painful — you’re in the right place. This involves waxing just the sides. It’s perfect for a newbie, since it only really eliminates anything that might peek out from beneath a bikini. And if you are a newbie, don’t shave for a week or two beforehand (since that defeats the point of waxing) and avoid using self-tanner, since the waxing could remove it.

Barely There: Also known as the French bikini wax, this bikini wax style involves removing hair from the sides of your labia, the back, and part of the front, ultimately leaving just a rectangular patch of hair up front. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a rectangle shape, though. Feel free to try out different shapes, like a heart or triangle, if that’s your jam!) It’s ideal if you’re a minimalist but don’t want to go completely bare.

The Full Bald Eagle: No hair, totally bare: That’s a full Brazilian bikini wax. Brazilian is taking all of your hair down there off.  This includes the front, the labia, and the back. It’s not for the faint-of-heart for reasons that should be pretty obvious, but if you just feel more comfortable with zero hair anywhere, this is the style for you. The results last 3-4 weeks & it gets easier and less painful the more you have it done.


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