Meghan Stonier-Howe – Well-Being Coordinator

Meghan manages the flow of our well-being studios, ensuring the success of practitioners and the satisfaction of clients. Meghan offers connection bodywork – a Therapeutic session combining all her years of training in Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and life coaching with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to facilitate in your healing journey. Meghan also is a Licensed Esthetician specializing in skin health and waxing services.


Tessa Thompson – Administrative Director

Tessa has 8 years experience in commercial insurance working with account marketing and customer service. Having a family with two special needs children prompted her to find an alternative to physical therapy and led to her becoming a NeuroMovement Practitioner. She owns and operates The Movement Shop, LLC in Bedford, IN as a private practice and actually enjoys keeping track of insurance and financial documents. Tessa completed the Anat Baniel Method of a NeuroMovement Practitioner training in 2015 with additional training for Special Needs children in 2016. Tessa works with students of all ages to access the brain’s ability to change through movement. She loves helping special needs families and families affected by Traumatic Brain Injury find hope and see miracles. Tessa also offers ABMN group classes and individual movement lessons to anyone seeking to increase vitality and flexibility.


Nicole Stonier – Movement Coordinator

Nicole is a peace facilitator and kid enthusiast utilizing training in yoga and energy modalities. Nicole is a Reiki Master/Teacher, RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified, Level II EFT Certified, and “Kidding Around Yoga” Certified, where she specialized in yoga for kids. Nicole will oversee our movement programs, and takes an integrative approach to well-being and healing.


Allie McHaley – Community Operations Director

Allie believes in the healing power of human connection and has seen its benefits time and time again in her work, both as a former social worker, and as a Reiki Master-Practitioner.  Allie has a line of holistic jewelry, candles, and products called Allie & Tess, named for her black cat who loves to hang in her studio. Allie’s goods are inspired by nature, she loves creating things with her hands and infusing them with Reiki energy to share with her community. Allie offers intuitive essential oil blends along with her Reiki services to send each individual off with a tool they can continue to use to drop back into a positive energetic space at any time. Allie is excited to bring workshops and circles to the community, holding space with a group of individuals is a powerful modality for change and growth.


Denice Stonier – Finance Director

Denice blesses us with her behind the scenes managerial, office administration, and bookkeeping skills. Her task is to keep Sophia organized and on track financially to achieve our goals. She is RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified instructor and creates skin care products with essential oils. Denice’s vision for Sophia is to be a place where the Bloomington community can come to find unique, natural products and alternative therapies for personal physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.


Jes Miller – Retail Coordinator

Jes collaborates with local well-being artisans to curate a unique retail niche. Her offerings at Sophia Collective include energetic bodywork sessions, holistic home design, and educational classes. Jes is well versed in creating exciting shopping experiences and supporting the needs of local vendors. Jes offers Aurawork – a practice combining crystal therapy, hypnotic regression, Chinese Medicine and guided meditation. As a designer, she uses her understanding of energy to create jewelry and shift environments.