Sophia Collective Meets Ryan Singer

A few weeks ago, Jes and I took a quick trip down to Cincinnati for a little getaway mixed with some business too. We met with a potential Sophia Collective partner (more to come on that soon!), had dinner with Jes’ sister and nephews, and went to a comedy show later that night. It wasn’t just any comedy show, it was an album taping for one of our favorite comedians and podcast hosts, Ryan Singer.

I knew Jes would be a great guest, so we jumped at the opportunity to see Ryan perform at The Comedy Attic in Bloomington this past October and connected with him after the show. Shortly thereafter, Jes was featured on the mindcast where she did a distance Aurawork session. After dinner overlooking all of Cincinnati, we headed over to Go Bananas Comedy Club for Ryan’s late show. The show was great, we hung out after the show and made plans to meet up with Ryan the next day record an episode of Me and Paranormal You.

Following a morning of crystal grid building and pancakes with nephews, we went to meet up with Ryan. The plan was to promote Sophia’s mission, but Ryan had a way of really directing the conversation and getting to the soul of what Sophia is, and how we got here, and a whole lot of other stuff too. We truly enjoyed the time we spent with Ryan, and look forward to hosting him in our space once our doors open.

Take a listen, let us know what you think! Subscribe to Ryan’s mindcast on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts, and make sure you get to a comedy show too!

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