Sophia Collective Excited to Join Downtown Community

In the closing weeks of 2017, six women came together with the intention of creating a space for healing, education, movement, and community in downtown Bloomington. Seek to know, stretch to become- these are the words that have propelled Sophia Collective from idea to reality. Seeking community, connection, and support, stretching towards our greatest potential. After months of collaboration and searching for the perfect space, Sophia Collective has found its brick-and-mortar home on N. Morton St. between 10th and 11th, just steps from Showers Plaza and the Downtown Square.

So what is Sophia Collective? We are a co-working space for wellness professionals, a place for individuals to come to receive holistic care and education while connecting with others and experiencing a sense of community. We have been connecting with healers, artisans, and educators from in and around the Bloomington community, offerings include, but are not limited to yoga/movement, Reiki, massage, waxing/aesthetics, full-spectrum infrared sauna, educational and artistic workshops, and community circles.

We are seeking a handful of practitioners/teachers to help complete the offerings provided by Sophia Collective. Sophia is searching for those who believe in the healing power of connection. We’d like to connect with individuals to join us who share our vision for the space, passion for healing, and feel inspired to create a unique experience as part of the greater Collective. Do you, or someone you know have a healing gift you believe should be shared with the greater community?

Contact for more information.

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