The well-being community is full of multi-passionate entrepreneurs, many offering handcrafted artisanal goods.

Our storefront is a short five-minute walk from the downtown square, on your way to Upland Brewing Co.  Expect apothecary items, crystals, jewelry, handmade apparel and more when you walk into our tightly curated lush well-being boutique.

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If you live outside of Bloomington, or just wish to shop from home, our entire in-store inventory is available online. We implemented an advanced inventory management system to make all of the unique items our partners offer available to you in real time.

Jes Miller – Retail Coordinator

Jes collaborates with local well-being artisans to curate a unique retail niche. Her offerings at Sophia Collective include energetic bodywork sessions, holistic home design, and educational classes. Jes is well versed in creating exciting shopping experiences and supporting the needs of local vendors. Jes offers Aurawork – a practice combining crystal therapy, hypnotic regression, Chinese Medicine and guided meditation. As a designer, she uses her understanding of energy to create jewelry and shift environments.

Sophia Collective is currently accepting new vendors!

Send photos of your work or a link to your products to Jes at