Nicole Stonier – Movement Coordinator

Nicole is a peace facilitator and kid enthusiast utilizing training in yoga and energy modalities. Nicole is a Reiki Master/Teacher, RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified, Level II EFT Certified, and “Kidding Around Yoga” Certified, where she specialized in yoga for kids. Nicole will oversee our movement programs, and takes an integrative approach to wellness and healing.


EnChanting Peace Session
An “alchemist’s approach” intuitive session, with combinations of reiki, crystals, EFT, sound, and card readings.  Incorporating elements your frequency needs to be cleared and balanced.

Yoga Therapy
Private session incorporating yoga sequences, poses and breathing techniques tailored to your unique needs.

In Reiki sessions, your “life-force-energy” is revitalized and balanced. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique and promotes stress and pain reduction, relaxation, and alignment. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

EnChanting Peace Discovery For Kidz
Everyone has the ability to tap into their own life-force and creative energies and use them to cultivate good in themselves and in others. Sadly, many people go their entire lives without ever realizing they have this ability. Children are naturally in tune with their intuitive and creative sides, and the purpose of this session is to encourage our young to explore and express themselves through yoga poses, meditation techniques, learning EFT and Reiki with “Courageous Claire” and “Hector the Protector,” and channeling difficult emotions with “Chucky the angry box!”

Movement Classes

Enchanting Peace Yoga 4 Kidz – 9-12 yrs
Participants learn the basics of yoga to promote self-health, relaxation, and alignment. This class focuses on learning deep yoga breathing combined with safe flowing yoga sequences, will also present some challenging poses for all skill levels. A light-hearted approach and sometimes downright silly approach which integrates stories, music, and games keep it fun and for kidz.


Enchanting Peace 
Peace begins with me.

Zilis Ambassador
The Pay It Forward Company – Zilis offers the top brands in wellness at deep savings. With every sale, Zilis contributes nutrition to children in need.

UltraCell Challenge

7 for 7 Challenge