Lilly first experienced yoga when she attended a class offered through Indiana University in 2009. She found relief from lower back pain as well as a sense of peace through connecting with the body and breath.  At that point, she knew she wanted to continue studying yoga.  In 2014, while living and working on a horse farm in Kentucky, Lilly chose to attend teacher training at Lexington Healing Arts Academy under the direction of Amanda McMaine, who studied in the Iyengar tradition and whose teaching style applies a thorough understanding of the principles of kinesiology.  Lilly shared yoga with participants in workshops at the farm, including incorporating yoga before trail rides and yoga on horseback.  Lilly has taught yoga at Enlighten Wellness Yoga Lifestyle studio in Bloomington for about two years.  In partnering with Sophia Collective, Lilly hopes to be able to teach to students who are new to yoga while being part of a healing community.

Movement Classes

Yoga From the Ground Up 
Lilly’s classes are taught “from the ground up,” starting on the floor, linking breath with movement, and modifying poses with props to assist students in tuning into subtle body awareness.  Lilly enjoys using imagery from nature to help students feel grounded and shares the spiritual aspects of yoga through a meditative teaching style.