Meet and Mingle

On July 17th, Sophia Collective’s co-founders, partners, and prospective partners and collaborators met up at Upland Brewery. It was a bustling evening of meeting, mingling, and brainstorming ways to come together as Sophia Collective’s physical space is progressing towards opening! As people started to trickle in, faces and names were being connected, hugs were being shared, and ideas were being bounced around. Wandering among the various pockets of conversation, it was becoming clear that the excitement was infectious! We were able to take a stroll down to the construction site, we even had our handy contractor (and birthday dude) Kent with us to help show us around. Windows are in, doors are in, drywall was starting to go up!

From its inception Sophia Collective has been about its partners. While we have certainly searched for collaborators to join us, we have known that old line “your vibe attracts your tribe” would come into play. It has been very exciting to see Sophia Collective pull individuals into our sacred circle, and we cannot wait to continue to grow this community even more. Many thanks to our friends and soon-to-be-neighbors Upland Brewing Co. for being gracious hosts! We look forward to more fun times ahead!

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