Joanna’s interest in massage and bodywork began in 1989 when she received training in Reiki I and II, which was complemented by Human Anatomy and Physiology courses at Jefferson Community College and Indiana University in Bloomington. In 1996 she joined Bloomington Massage Therapy where she practiced until the fall of 1999 and eventually became a licensed massage and bodywork therapist. In 2015, Joanna received certification in the highly specialized modality of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and it has become the mainstay of her bodywork practice. She describes herself as a “lymph nerd.” Joanna’s commitment to cultivating health and wellness is rounded out by teaching yoga, particularly restorative yoga.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) technique is a gentle hands-on method to increase lymphangiomotoricity (the rate at which the lymph flows through the body.) Stimulating the lymphatic system encourages the body to detoxify, drain stagnant fluids, regenerate tissues, and support the immune system. Manual drainage aids this process because the lymphatic system relies on small muscular contractions to move lymph fluids rather than a pumping system like that of blood.