Jes Miller – Retail Coordinator
Jes collaborates with local wellness artisans to curate a unique retail niche. Her offerings at Sophia Collective include energetic bodywork sessions, holistic home design, and educational classes. Jes is well versed in creating exciting shopping experiences and supporting the needs of local vendors. Jes offers Aurawork – a practice combining crystal therapy, hypnotic regression, Chinese Medicine and guided meditation. As a designer, she uses her understanding of energy to create jewelry and shift environments.

Wellness + Design

Design can feel good all the way to the etheric level, elevating the mood, helping with focus, strengthening the human connection, and bringing you closer to an authentic state of being.

Jes’s process goes beyond problem-solving incorporating all aspects of how the design will be used. We believe the same principles used in health and wellness can be applied to design to make it better. Jes believes that creating space allows room for growth.

Jes received her Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from Purdue University where she focused on engineering methods and completed in-depth user studies with her designs. Her work focuses on empowering clients to embrace the future and incorporates solutions that support their life.

Jes has extensive knowledge of the healing energies of color, sound and natural materials and their effect on the human bio-field. Jes uses these energies to relieve stagnation and rebalance energies that build up in the bio-field through childhood and into adulthood.

Stagnation in the bio-field is caused by major physical trauma and phycological trauma. This stagnation can create limiting beliefs that keep you from recognizing your strengths. It can manifest as pain in the body, depression, relationship issues or dissatisfaction in life. By rebalancing your bio-field, you can reacclimate back to a healthful state and recognize ambitions with clarity.

Just like our bodies, energy blocks can occur in living spaces as well. Combining her design background with energy work, Jes remedies through home design consultations, art, and designed goods.

Degrees, Certifications, and Mentors

Career & Work History


Relieve emotional trauma, stress, and psych-somatic pain caused by stagnation in your bio-field. Subtle energetic resonance from minerals will be used to realign the energy centers called chakras. Sound balancing from tuning forks will be used on the energy meridians and combed through the aura to bring the bio-field back into alignment.

Home Design Consultation
A design consultation will bring the balance to your home, supporting positive change in your life. Clients report that life just gets a little bit easier once their home ‘feels right’. Some have reported that job opportunities come their way, relationships improved, or they finally became motivated to achieve their goals. Holistic Home consultations last two hours and incorporate methodology from feng shui, color theory, and interior design.

Animal Aurawork
Animals can feel stress and trauma just as we do, and are often much more sensitive than we realize. This session is perfect for animals that have been in a shelter, suffered abuse, is experiencing a physical ailment or has recently experienced a change in routine. Jes uses crystals, chakra balancing, and intuitive response to balance the energy field of your pet and assess his or her needs. Animal sessions are done in a common area of your home.


Jes’s class and workshop calendar will be updated <here>.


“Working with Jessica was fun and inspiring. She gave me low cost tips and ideas for transforming my space (I spent less than $60 on improvements!) She encouraged me to commit my extra room for the guest space I’ve always wanted and immediately after I did that a friend called from out of town to say they were visiting! Amazing.” – Sarah

“I’d highly advise visiting Jessica for either a crystal healing or chakra balancing session as I’ve completely enjoyed both! Jessica is very warm, sincere, genuine and a great listener. I felt extremely comfortable during each of the different sessions I’ve had and really felt relief and like “something” was happening for sure.

I went to 3 chakra balancing sessions and definitely felt lighter and more relaxed immediately and was so surprised when Jessica told me that I might feel even better in the next day or two…. I did, she was right! After my initial sessions with her I decided I wanted to try a crystal healing and like the previous poster my mind was blown as well!! I’ve done reiki once a week for about 4 months, did acupuncture about once a week for almost 2yrs and the crystal healing was beyond amazing in comparison to my other alternative medicine experiences!

I could feel a complete energy shift and like something was taking place for sure. I also felt a coolness start to radiate from my feet all the way up to my chest midway through the session. I figured maybe Jessica used some cool Harry Potter style magical stones and she told me, no, the stones don’t magically cool. Therefore, the energy work she was doing was causing me to feel this remarkable sensation as my own energy was shifting. I’d absolutely recommend trying a session, especially a crystal healing with Jessica! If you go in with an open mind, ready to receive healing you’ll be glad you went!” – Natalie

“Crystal healing ROCKS!!! (apologies for the bad pun)

But seriously, jump to a week ago, me lying on my back in the middle of a session, my head blown all wide open, I’m thinking: This makes so much sense.
The past year I’ve had a few chronic ailments, mostly due to the stresses of surviving a city such as Los Angeles. Being self-employed(actor/entertainer) I’ve often lacked health insurance, and this situation has pushed me to seek more natural remedies. So after trying traditional routes to heal a slipped disc, with little success, I was open to pretty much anything.

Jessica was absolutely welcoming, personable, and well practiced in the arts of Crystal Healing. Through my first session I was awakened to the source of ailments and pains throughout my body. Like I was a dish rag that’d been picked up and wringed out over the drain, by the end of the session I felt refreshed and open to a whole new layer of awareness. One hundred percent looking forward to future sessions.” – Krocky

“Feeling so good after my crystal healing with Jessica! I wanted to recharge my energy after a few stressful weeks, and after 1 60minute session I felt instantly recharged and grounded again. She also gave me great recommendations of stones to work with and some great insights into why some of my chakras were more closed than others.” – Kari