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Restorative Fashion Healing
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Restorative Therapy
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HE Organics
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“Heather is a very high vibrational person who is a natural healer, empath and intuitive. She knows what your energy needs intuitively and brings a lot of healing wisdom to each session. She is a very angelic person and you will always feel uplifted and full of love for life after a healing session with Heather!” – Annelise

“An angel on earth!–healing and uplifting.” – LaDonna

“Heather is a heart led healer that focuses her intense connection to source to the benefit of her clients. I have known and worked with Heather through some challenging MS & events in my life and I’m a better stronger version of myself through Reiki and intuitive healing work with her.
I highly recommend Heather as a Reiki and intuitive practioner.
She’s also a wonderful and patient teacher.” – Mr. Barksdale

“Heather is a true restorative healer in my life. She has helped me heal my heart through the toughest seasons of my life. I am grateful to have met her.” – MaryAllen

“Heather is a true healer. She’s so intuitive, her energy is palpable. She healed the physical pain & emotional despair. Each session is different but all are relaxing & healing. Heather is passionate about the work she does, creating a positive atmosphere. I would recommend her to anyone who feels off balance in their lives whether it be physical or emotional” – Ms. Lee

“Words can not describe how gifted you are!
💕🙏🏻” – Angel