Greta offers practical support to individuals who are moving toward genuine wholeness. Since 2009, she has assisted her clients in the process of coming into deeper connection with who they really are through an integrative and holistic blend of massage and energy work. She believes in the body’s ability to heal – to release and shift – bringing in new energies, beliefs, and health. Greta holds safe, sacred, and confidential space for her clients, honoring their individual process and journey toward personal transformation. She offers them presence, respect, and openness. 


Greta facilitates an intuitive and integrative process that combines the following:

  • Massage: Therapeutic massage and healing touch invite the body into a calm, relaxed state. The benefits of massage and bodywork are significant. Many clients report feeling lighter and more balanced in their physical body after a session.
  • Energy work: This gentle hands-on touch is deep and transformative. Subtle and profound work happens within this highly effective method of moving energy. She works with a combination of energetic release, restoration, and balancing, bringing the nervous system into a deeply healing state.

If you are looking for assistance, Greta can help you …

  • Feel better/increase vitality
  • Reduce stress and burnout
  • Remove energetic blocks
  • Embrace who you actually are/self discovery and acceptance
  • Live with increased joy, balance, personal freedom, and meaning
  • Navigate life transitions
  • Release old wounds, pain, and suffering
  • Release patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Hit the “reset button”




I started going to Greta for massage but her ability to provide a more holistic experience was palpable from the start. You couldn’t ask for a more open, positive soul to help you experience those parts of life that we all too often ignore. Greta is incredibly competent, insightful and loving. You will not regret seeing her.  – Amy G.

Working with Greta is such an enjoyable, healing experience.  She is fantastic at tuning into physical, or energetic/emotional restrictions that need release.  Her work is gentle, compassionate and effective.  I appreciate that I leave feeling clear and relaxed.  – M.M., happy client since 2011

Overall my life was going very well. However, I had a block that was keeping me from thriving. One session with Greta, and she opened things up and balanced  my energies. Since that session, my life has been in the flow. Greta has intuitive insight and healing energies that can help guide ones life from survival to surTHRIVAL. – C.M.

I found Greta when I moved to Bloomington five years ago and have been working with her ever since. I need regular bodywork to stay healthy. As a shamanic practitioner and dreamworker, I always look for therapists who bring that special awareness and sensitivity to their work. Greta’s work is sensitive, adaptive, and deep. Our bodies carry our energies and our memories, and I trust Greta to work with me and help me find my best path.  – Mary Pat

When I first met Greta I had just said “goodbye” to a dear friend at the end of his hospice journey. I was exhausted, emotionally numb, and empty. I knew the moment she touched me I was where I was supposed to be. She took the weight of my world off my shoulders and gave me the energy and strength to look forward to a new sunrise. She taught me the healing power of the human touch for which I will always be grateful.  – Nowana S.