Amy Kimmel, RYT-200, is a Certified Reiki Master and Life Coach. Her focus is providing a safe, non-judgemental, supportive space full of laughter and acceptance for all of her students and clients. She is dedicated to making Yoga accessible for every body shape, size and age and is continually encouraging body-positivity through her classes and workshops. As a powerful energy healer, Amy creates a peaceful and serene experience by combining aromatherapy, sound and crystal energy with Reiki to promote the deepest relaxation and healing. Through Life Coaching she empowers women in all stages of life to discover the magic within that allows them to live their soul purpose. Amy’s loving, no-nonsense approach to teaching, healing, and coaching will help you fully tap into your power so that you can shine your brightest inner light.


Amy has a deep desire for healing and holding space for others that lights her up! She specializes in small, intimate Yoga classes, Semi-Private and Private Yoga sessions, Intuitive Reiki sessions, and one-on-one Spiritual and Empowerment Coaching sessions. Her focus is to create a magical experience for each soul she works with and to help them feel seen, heard, and loved. Her Intuitive Reiki sessions include aroma and sound therapy, crystal energy, and can include pressure point and reflexology-like foot and/or hand massage. And if she can, she’ll probably make you laugh too!

Movement Classes

What The Flow Yoga
Slow flow vinyasa for beginner/intermediate students who desire to embrace the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes due to hysterectomies, perimenopause and/or menopause. The focus of this class is to go within to listen to what your body is calling for, meeting yourself where you are, exploring poses that support you, practicing self-care, and loving yourself unconditionally. Come be supported, practice, and laugh with other women who are feeling like “WTF?!”

Wildly Delicious Yoga
Slow flow vinyasa for beginner/intermediate students seeking pose modifications. Are you curvy, have tight muscles, or feel like you can’t do yoga? This class is for YOU! Enjoy a variety of poses with options for modifications and lots of support in your yoga journey. This body-affirming class will focus on modifications for every size and shape, developing a yoga practice that works for your body, celebrating each other’s successes, laughing and having fun together. Come explore what works for you!

Happy Hour
Bring your yoga mat, favorite adult beverage, and unWINEd! Start your weekend by releasing the stresses and tensions of the week. Soak up the good vibes, stretch your body, and just spend an hour connecting, relaxing, and laughing! Cheers to you! Donation-based class. MUST BE 21 YEARS OLD OR OVER TO ATTEND!


Want to learn how to do creative lettering or how you can amp up your spiritual practice with oils and crystals? Amy’s your girl! Watch the calendar for her upcoming workshops and her Wildly Delicious Monthly Circle meetings.


Amy’s creative skills are like a box of chocolates – you never what you’re gonna get! From Reiki-Infused Lavender Eye Pillows to graphic tees, hand-lettered and painted art to crocheted earrings…Amy makes it all! Be on the lookout for her brand ‘Wild Woman Rising’ in the Sophia store!

“Amy gave above and beyond what I would expect in a healing session. She channeled my Spirit Guide while giving me a Reiki Healing at the same time! The clear messages that came through helped me profoundly with some health challenges I was dealing with, along with giving me clarity about upcoming travel plans and business projects. The healing room felt like being at a cozy spa, and she also used Aromatherapy throughout my session. Amy Kimmel is the “Real McCoy” and a 3-in-1 healer. I highly recommend experiencing her gifts.” — JAI MAA, AUTHOR/FACILITATOR/MINISTER

“Receiving the Reiki session from Amy, the Wise Woman, was a true blessing to me. My whole body relaxed at the deepest level as I felt a profound sense of trust of being in Amy’s wise presence. I loved holding a smooth amethyst crystals in my hands that emanated so much energy that I’ve never felt from a crystal before. The guidance that I received came at exactly the perfect time…After hearing Amy’s messages that she received from connecting to my guides, I felt empowered to speak my truth…Amy is a true intuitive and a channeler for healing. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for more clarity, emotional healing or just a word of advise from the Wise Woman!” — YULIA AZRIEL

“I was ready to receive the “full” treatment…I was transported to an inner world of colors and space for healing. Everything I experienced was lovely, from the comfortable sanctuary she has created, to the music in the background, to my own inner experiences. Amy also added an intuitive reading…which was profoundly connected to my own feelings. I highly encourage you to give this gift to yourself.” — SARA STEFFEY MCQUEEN

“I bought a life coaching session package with the intent to work on a couple issues I was going through. By the end, Amy showed me a whole new perspective such that I found that what I truly needed to focus on was totally different from what I started out doing! What a life changer!!!…So worth it!!!” — BONNIE B.

“I just finished my first set of classes with Amy and it was amazing. This was my first full yoga class ever. It was tailored for folks like me with stiff joints and curves. The class was full of wonderful women and by the end of the six weeks we were astounded with how much we were now able to do. Best. Yoga Teacher. EVER.” — ROBIN EDMUNDSON