Alyson believes in yoga for all. She wants to spread the joy and benefits of yoga for mind, body, spirit and soul to everyone no matter where you are on your journey. Yoga expands into your life beyond the mat, helping you become a more centered, balanced person who is able to be more flexible in life as well as more flexible in your body. She began practicing regularly in 2010, when she learned the value of getting in touch with your body, as well as aligning movement, breath and emotions. She realized that the more yoga classes she attended, the more pain-free her body became. Alyson is a registered 200 hour teacher with Yoga Alliance, through Matece Skow at Nourishing Heart Yoga.  Alyson has lived in Bloomington with her family for 8 years and is happy to call it home.  In her free time, Alyson enjoys reading, cooking, traveling the world, spending time with her husband, children and pets, and watching hockey.  She is a native of Bethlehem, PA.

Movement Classes

Breath Focused Flow 
In Vinyasa yoga you will focus on using your breath throughout the practice. You will synchronize breathing with movement to achieve a sensation of calm, escape, and focus. Vinyasa poses flow together with ample rest in between. You will move with intention, with your mind at ease. Vinyasa yoga with Alyson Baer is terrific for stress and tension relief, and muscle building. You will find peace and inner strength, 60 minutes at a time.

Deep Soulful Yin 
The specialty of yogi Alyson Baer – is a meditative practice that combines relaxation with dynamic stretching in an innovative, restorative balance. Yin benefits your fascia and connective tissues, promoting significant increased flexibility over time, but in a gentle manner. Yin poses are held for three to five minutes depending on the stretch, providing for excellent stress relief. Poses are comfortably aided by bolsters, blocks, and blankets. Customized poetry and meditative quotations are delivered in each class, providing a unifying theme for day that soothes the body, mind, and soul.


That Gentle Yogi
That Gentle Yogi is Bloomington’s premier retail location for yoga wear. You’ll find colorful, on-trend, and sustainable clothing at That Gentle Yogi, located at Sophia in downtown Bloomington. Don’t waste time and fuel driving to Indy, And no need to take a chance on an online order that you might not love when you receive it. We want you to have amazing movement clothing that makes you feel good. All our pieces are hand-curated and carefully selected by owner Alyson Baer and are guaranteed to give you joy and comfort throughout the day, whether you’re practicing yoga, or just going to Kroger!  

“Alyson is a gentle and kind yoga teacher. She makes you feel safe and supported during your practice. She is a wonderful teacher!” – Katie

“Alyson has a great teaching voice and is knowledgeable in executing yoga sequences to any target audience” – Erica

“Alyson led my practice in a gentle and knowledgeable way and she worked with me to find comfortable Yin poses. She also shared quotes that resonated with my practice-the most important one was that when I notice that I am not attending to my inner experience, in just that moment I am in the exact right place. For someone who has high expectations and would typically feel some annoyance at myself for letting my mind wander and chatter away, it was such a such a simple and kind reframe that I still use, months after our practice.” – Cathy